Five EGRC alumni standing in a row smiling at the camera

EGRC girls paying it forward

Every year, EGRC university students give back to their home villages by organizing Summer Teaching Camps for kids aged 6-16 years of age. These camps are one to two weeks in length, focusing on creative activities that emphasize the importance of education. Parents of these children also participate in activities and offer support by providing accommodation and meals to the EGRC girls.

The EGRC Alumni Association was established in 2014 with the mission of giving back. The girls organize an annual crowdfunding campaign, mentor younger students, support the new student selection work, and advocate for EGRC at fundraising events. EGRC alumni’s involvement is an important part of EGRC’s sustainability.

The facts are beyond dispute – when women and girls have an equal opportunity, all societies benefit.

Sally ArmstrongCanadian Journalist