Beijing, China – December 5, 2017

Today, during his second state visit to China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Ms. Ching Tien, the Founder and President of Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) together with five young women who have been supported by the work of this organization.

EGRC is based on the belief that educated women have educated children and that educating women is the key to building better societies. Since being founded in 2005, EGRC has helped over 840 young rural women change their lives by receiving an education they or their families would not otherwise have been able to afford.

During this morning’s discussion, the Premier Minister commended EGRC for its work, and noted his own belief in and support for gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Prime Minister listened attentively to each young woman as she spoke of her personal journey and the impact education has had on her life. Ms. Tien provided additional background on women’s issues in rural China, and the improvements she has witnessed since starting EGRC, including the impact its work has had in rural regions of Western China, particularly Gansu Province.

Ms. Tien and the young women were honored by and expressed their deep appreciation for this opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister.

Also in attendance at the round table discussion were Mary Ng, the Canadian MP for Markham-Thornhill, and Lu Shaye, the Chinese Ambassador to Canada.

Five young women sponsored by EGRC attended the event:

  • Guojuan Ren, first year, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, majoring in Finance
  • Ruru Jiang, fourth year, Tsinghua University, majoring in Journalism and Communications
  • Meifen Gong, in 2012 graduated from Hubei University of Economics, majoring in nutrition. Currently EGRC Program Manager in Gansu Province
  • Huiming Ma, in 2014 graduated from Tianjin Normal University, majoring in Pre-school education. Currently product manager at an educational technology company in Beijing
  • Yan Li, in 2016 graduated from Shaanxi Normal University, majoring in Japanese. Currently works for a media company in Beijing

For more information or to arrange an interview with Ching Tien, please contact:

Sally Liang (China)
86 139 1796 2264

Rebecca Zhang (Canada)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with EGRC students
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with EGRC students