From the founder – 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I am sending my best wishes to all the girls and women in the world.

There is no work that is more important than empowering women. In sixteen years I have witnessed over 1,700 rural Chinese young women transform their lives by achieving an education. The facts are beyond dispute – when women and girls are educated, they have the knowledge, power and confidence to make choices, take on leadership roles, and create positive impacts. Their future generations will be educated.

Gender inequality has deep roots. To close the gender gap, we want to see more people involved in this work. Achieving gender equality creates a healthier and better world for our collective future.

EGRC Girls Celebrate Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has a special meaning at EGRC. All our girls and young women deeply appreciate this day because they know the importance of gender equality. 

EGRC girls keep the tradition of celebrating International Women’s Day. This time many cities in China have Covid lockdown regulations. Therefore, in only seven cities were the girls able to host in-person events on the weekend. At these gatherings, the conversations were all about how education changed their lives; what they can do; and what needs to be done to make sure our next generation of young women from rural China have the same opportunities.

EGRC’s Alumni Association initiated and organized these events.

EGRC Annual SAY NO Campaign

Since 2020, EGRC launched an annual online SAY NO campaign around Women’s Day. EGRC girls will have the opportunity and safe environment to learn and discuss with a professional and among each other about what sexual harassment is and how to SAY NO when the situation occurs. This year the online event is scheduled on the March 12th, followed by a series of discussions.

Events Supporting EGRC on Women’s Day

In March various businesses and organizations in Beijing, Shanghai and Toronto organize multiple events to raise awareness and funds for EGRC. This time we would like to acknowledge and thank the following: 


  • Baker McKenzie China
  • Camera Stylo
  • Chichio
  • Dulcicole College Shanghai
  • Inferno Comedy
  • Jing A Taproom
  • Mentor Walk
  • Moka Bros
  • Shanghai Expatriate Org
  • Taozi Tree Yoga
  • The Oh Collective
  • WeWorkingWomen

Making a Donation on Women’s Day

WPIC Marketing is a Canadian-owned company that provides services for Canadian companies entering China E market. To honour the women who work for WPIC, the company made a donation to sponsor five EGRC girls on the occasion of Women’s Day. 

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