It’s official! On behalf of the founder Ching Tien, the Alumni Association and all our students and graduates, we are very excited to announce that we have designated June 15th, EGRC Day!

EGRC Day honours all of our EGRC young women and girls, and raises awareness about EGRC’s vision, mission and achievements. Being graduation month, in June we of course also celebrate the graduation of our high school and university students.

Starting this year and for each year going forward, we will celebrate on this day.

The Ching Tien Scholarship Fund

On this first EGRC Day, we are also very happy to announce the new, Ching Tien Scholarship Fund.
This scholarship is named after the founder Ching Tien. It will fund graduate studies abroad for up to two promising young women from rural China each year. The scholarship extends Ching Tien’s vision of providing young women from rural parts of the country with the opportunity not only to an academic education but to greater experiences of the world and increased confidence and assurance in their ability to make changes for themselves and for society at large. Follow the link here to see the overview of the Ching Tien Scholarship Fund.

First Online Graduation Celebration for 2022 University Graduates

EGRC students wearing graduation gowns throw their graduate caps into the air

On May 29th we organised our very first online event to celebrate the graduation of 24 university students. This event allowed us to virtually acknowledge the girls’ achievements, which is an important milestone for each and every single one of them.

Ching Tien gave an opening speech to congratulate the graduates on their success, encouraging them to discover and pursue their passions and dreams. The graduates each expressed their gratitude towards EGRC, and shared their plans for after graduation.

The two keynote speakers for the event were long-term EGRC supporters Lin Gao, founder and CEO of Message Coach – the largest online coaching platform in China – and Malcolm McKenzie, Head of School at Keystone Academy Beijing.

Lin Gao expressed to the graduates that it is okay in life and on their journeys to take a break, and that it is alright to encounter setbacks – that these are important aspects to personal growth.

Malcolm McKenzie’s moving speech likened EGRC to a rainforest and EGRC’s students to trees, also asked the graduates to remember where they are from and where they are going to. Link to Malcolm McKenzie’s Full Speech: here

All of the EGRC staff shared their wisdom and their best wishes to the graduates. Echo Chen, the chair of the EGRC Alumni Association, encouraged the graduates to join the Alumni Association as a way to continue to grow in the EGRC family.