Message from the Founder – 

Dear Valued Donors and Supporters. I am delighted to share more good news here.

Please read about how our EGRC team came up with this brilliant social enterprise fundraising idea. This project has inspired us to examine and further develop this idea with the aim of creating a long-term and sustainable funding source. Please also see the report of our inaugural SAY NO campaign.

I am very proud to share how these new projects created and successfully carried out in the midst of the global Covid-19 crisis.  Every crisis creates opportunities. At EGRC we are proving it!

We will continue to explore new ways to fundraise this year to fill the gap caused by having to cancel all our planned events. I am asking you to consider making a donation. If you are already a donor please consider whether you are able to give more and help us resolve the shortage of funding this year. Your sharing is always deeply appreciated and especially now.

First Social Enterprise Project

During the lockdown there, I met online with our China team every week to discuss ways to generate funds online. Initiated by Daisy Gong, our Program Manager, the idea of a social enterprise project – the Lily Bulb Sale was born and efficiently put in action. Lily bulb is a unique Gansu local product. Growing up in Gansu, Daisy worked in the lily bulb field with her mother at a young age.

Prior to launching the sale, Daisy did further research into Gansu lily bulb production and visited a number of lily bulb farms. She gained further knowledge of the product and came to understand the marketing and sales process.

The sale started on March 21st. We promoted this project through our social media platform and reached out to EGRC patrons, supporters and friends in China. People actively responded, most of them not only purchased lily bulbs for themselves, but also for friends and family members as gifts, and word was spread. We also received positive responses on the quality of the bulbs.


I am thrilled to announce that up to today – the 18th of April, the lily bulb sale has generated a profit of just over 50,000 RMB ($10,000) which is equivalent to 9 girls’ sponsorship funds.

We are highly motivated now by looking into establishing a social enterprise entity as a long-term and sustainable fundraising channel. In the meantime, we can help market products from Gansu and benefit local farmers.

100% of the profit from lily bulb sales goes to EGRC programs. You can make a purchase by scanning the QR Code below. Shipping is limited to within China.


About Lily Bulbs

The cultivation of Lily Bulbs in Gansu has more than 450 years of history. Compared with the other four bulb production regions in China, Gansu bulbs are larger in size and sweeter in taste due to its dry climate and pronounced difference in daily temperatures during growing season. Bulbs usually are planted in the regions at elevations of around 2,600 meters.

The lily is a perennial plant. Few people know that the good quality and larger size bulbs take up to 9 years of growth. Today farming of lily bulbs still relies on manual labour from planting to harvest.

Lily bulbs are rich in nutrition, containing starch, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2, and C, other nutrients including colchicines and alkaloid. Lily bulbs can be used as a herbal treatment for lung-related health issues, soothing the nerves, and improving human body immunity.

Traditionally, the lily bulb is popular for use in cooking in south east China. Now it is a seasonal ingredient for salads, stir fries and desserts within all regions.


SAY NO Campaign a Success

Starting from March 8th, International Women’s Day, EGRC launched its inaugural “SAY NO” campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to empower our girls to SAY NO when they encounter sexual harassment and abuse.

The campaign started by providing reading and visual material to raise awareness and knowledge about sexual and gender-related discrimination, assault and violence. This was followed by online discussions. Many started to realize that this kind of discrimination and assault is not unusual, and it is not their fault and should not cause shame. The Campaign offered two online classes taught by volunteer professionals. During this process, several brave participants started speaking up about their own experiences. The campaign ended with positive feedback from about 150 participants. EGRC will provide financial assistance for up to three individuals who need further personal counselling.

SAY NO will be one of EGRC’s annual programs to continue in the future.

Illustration of three women holding Say No! signs