Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child

In 2011 the United Nations Assembly declared October 11th as The International Day of the Girl Child to recognize the challenges girls face around the world, and to promote girls’ rights and empowerment. At EGRC we empower rural Chinese girls by helping them attain an education as the first step. We provide further support to assist their personal and career development. Throughout this process some of our girls have become leaders and are making a difference in their communities and for EGRC. Please read about their actions and more EGRC news in this newsletter.

Annual Alumni Crowdfunding Surpasses Goal by 256%

It has become an annual tradition that the EGRC Alumni Association organizes an annual crowdfunding event to sponsor EGRC high school girls. In the past five years, they have successfully raised enough to sponsor 24 high school girls. This year the fundraising goal was set at a moderate level due to the pandemic: RMB 30,000 (CAD 6,000), to sponsor five girls for one year.

The Alumni reached this goal on the very first day! The campaign continued from the 12th to the 30th of September: 220 EGRC alumni donated and raised RMB 76,920 (CAD 15,384). The desire of the EGRC Alumni to give back is truly admirable.

EGRC Toastmaster Club Established

Initiated and led by eight alumni and university students, the EGRC Toastmaster Club was established this September. This group of leaders inspired over 80 EGRC girls to join the Club in the first month. The first online event was held on the 19th of September. Three girls presented five-minute-long prepared speeches and five girls bravely delivered two-minute impromptu speeches. A panel of three judges are senior EGRC girls.

The president of the Club is a third-year university student, Jing Tian. She said, “EGRC has provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow, and leading the EGRC Toastmaster Club is the way I give back and exercise my leadership skills. I love it!”

Based in Vancouver, half the world away from China, Ching Tien got up at 4:30 am on that day to participate. She was impressed by how well the event was organized and the ability and confidence the girls presented in their speeches.

EGRC’s Independent Registration in China

In 2017 EGRC registered in China as a sub-foundation of the Beijing United Charitable Foundation. The legalization has ensured that we are able to continue our work in China. In September 2020, EGRC was registered in Shanghai as an independent charity. This is an incredible achievement, and many may not know how difficult it is for a foreign charity to register in China, particularly as an independent organization.

Special thanks go to the EGRC China team for their huge efforts to make this happen!

Online Donor Appreciation and Information Sessions

This year EGRC has overcome particular challenges and established new and even more efficient ways to connect between team members, with the girls, donors and supporters. To further inform the progress of EGRC’s development and connect with the supporters, founder Ching Tien will host online events over Zoom in November. Details will be sent to you by e-mail. Ching is looking forward to seeing you then.