We have two wonderful announcements to make in this edition! Three EGRC girls have been selected to do six-month undergrad exchange programs in the US, and two new Vancouver fundraising campaigns with proceeds to EGRC.

Three Girls Selected to the UGRAD Program

Funded by US government, the UGRAD program is a global undergraduate exchange program that provides scholarships to outstanding university students to study in US universities for six months. This is a full-time, non-degree study program that is combined with community service, professional development and cultural enrichment.

In 2021, a total of four students were selected from China and three of them are EGRC students in our Future Leader Program. The program will take place at the beginning of 2022. We congratulate them for being selected for this wonderful opportunity! Students were chosen from over 40 countries.

Yufei He headshot

Yufei He

Yufei He is in her 3rd year at Beihang University in Beijing, majoring in Aerospace Power.

Aimie Ji headshot

Aimie Ji

Aimie Ji is in her 2nd year at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, majoring in Commercial English.

Wenjing Ma headshot

Wenjing Ma

Wenjing Ma is in her 1st year at Anqing Normal University, majoring in Geographic Science.

Fundraising Events in Vancouver

In the second year of the pandemic and semi-lockdown conditions in Vancouver, our fundraising efforts have been impacted but not stopped. We are excited to announce two new fundraising campaigns which we hope our Vancouver donors and friends will support.

Scotiabank Charity Challenge

EGRC has signed up for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge in Vancouver – a fundraiser that you, family members and friends can all join.  It is a great time to be out in nature to walk or run at your own comfort level while raising funds for our girls.

During the period June 2nd to July 5th, you get to choose your own date and route to walk or run 5K/10K/half or full marathon!

Donors who raise $500 or more for EGRC through this campaign will receive a copy of our newly published 15 year photo essay book.

You may join the EGRC charity team or simply make a donation by selecting EGRC. If you have any questions please contact Amanda Chui at amanda.yk.chui@gmail.com. We look forward to your participation!

Dining for EGRC

EGRC is pleased to announce that​ Chowbus​, an Asian food delivery platform,​ and live-streaming host Cathy​ Li​ ​have initiated​ a month-long​ fundraising campaign​ ​for EGRC ​by ordering meals and food from iDen by Quan Ju De Beijing Duck House, Ishow Fresh, Ameya Yoko and Hananoki Restaurant.

iDEN by Quan Ju De Beijing Duck House

Ishow Fresh

Hananoki Restaurant

This fundraising campaign will run from May 1st to 30th. 30% of your purchase will be donated to EGRC. The goal is to raise $12,000, funding to support 10 girls.

Mother’s Day is approaching, why not treat your mother to some delicious food?! To support this campaign and try new restaurants, please download the Chowbus app to start….

We would like to thank all participating donors and sponsors for their huge efforts in support of EGRC.