High School Sponsorship Program

In China, compulsory education ends in grade 9. If a girl does not have the resources to complete high school, she will usually marry early, or have to find a manual labour job in order to support her family.

Since 2012, EGRC has sponsored over 700 girls to complete their high school education, studying across six different rural regions of Gansu province. The students have achieved over 99% graduation rate.

In 2019, the government started subsidizing tuition and accommodation fees for students whose family annual income falls below the local poverty line. EGRC currently provides funding to cover the student’s basic living expenses. These expenses account for approximately two-thirds of the costs to attend high school.

Each student receives $80 USD (500 RMB) every month, for ten months per year to pay for meals and other necessary living expenses. On average, EGRC spends $200 USD (1,000 RMB) per student annually to organize new student selection, home and multiple school visits, and bi-annual training.

$1,000 USD (6,000 RMB) allows one student to attend a full year of high school.