From the founder Ching Tien – 

In 2011, the United Nations Assembly named October 11th as the International Day of the Girl (IDG). Today we commemorate IDG’s 10th anniversary. The purpose of naming this day was to raise awareness of girls’ rights worldwide.  All girls deserve the right to receive an education and make choices for themselves. The world’s 600 million adolescent girls have shown time and time again that they can be change makers. given skills and opportunities they can drive progress in their communities and build back stronger for all.

For 17 years EGRC has been working on this important cause. We are proud to have helped nearly 2,000 rural girls achieve an education. To celebrate IDG, some of the EGRC girls will share their stories with you.

From 0ur Students and Graduates

Lina Zhang

Assistant Program Manager at EGRC

As soon as I saw EGRC’s hiring post in August 2021, I knew it was the right step to take. I wish to accomplish something worthwhile in my life. Working for EGRC gives me the daily opportunity to serve other girls who are in need.

Junyan Dong headshot

Junyan Dong

Major in Apparel Design & Craft, Suzhou Vocational University

EGRC is a source of strength for my growth. I took the study trip to Beijing and stayed at the Concord College of Sino-Canada in 2018. It was the first time I heard the word “leadership”. I was inspired to become a leader and took a leadership position in the Student Council later in college.

Minmin Liu headshot

Minmin Liu

Qinshui County No.2 Secondary School, Gansu Province

After passing the high school entrance exam, I worked for two months in the summer to earn money for my high school tuition. Those two months were difficult and incredibly long for a 15-year-old. When I ran out of money and my parents were unable to cover my expenses, EGRC’s sponsorship was a godsend. My family and I are really grateful for EGRC’s help.

Ruijun Ding

Ruijun Ding

Business English major, Tianjin University of Commerce 

I applied what I learned and gained from EGRC to mentoring seven high school girls. I am also regularly doing other volunteer works at EGRC. EGRC has shown me a much bigger world. Now I am interning at BMO Beijing office. In 2023 I am going to Emporia State University in the US to do an exchange program.

Juan Liu headshot

Juan Liu

Dongfanghong Secondary School, Gansu Province

My ambition is to become a writer. Since I met EGRC, I feel I am closer to achieving that goal. I grew up with a passion for writing and storytelling. But as a member of a poor household, I had no idea how I could achieve my dream. EGRC sponsored my high school study and encouraged me to pursue my interest. This year I got the first place at the provincial level in the 19th Ye Shengtao Cup Writing Competition.

Aimei Ji

Aimei Ji

Major in English, Tianjin Foreign Studies University

From a village girl to studying in the States, EGRC changed my destiny. In 2021, with the support of EGRC, I got the opportunity to do the global undergraduate exchange program in the US. I studied at the Saginaw Valley State University from November 2021 to April 2022. The people I met impressed me, and I also had the opportunity to see a different world. I look forward to having an opportunity to payback to EGRC and to the society.

Illustration of Jiazhi Wu

Jiazhi Wu

Major in Economics, Shandong University of Technology

Because of the domestic violence and my father’s desire for a boy, my parents split when I was one year old. I never received love from my parents. After I met EGRC in 2020, it was the first time I felt that I belonged to a family and was cared for. In this community, my confidence and optimism have grown. Volunteering at EGRC has allowed me to help others. Now, I am happy, and very pleased with myself.

Meiqin Zeng headshot

Meiqin Zen

Teacher, Niuchang Middle School, Guizhou Province

My decision to become a teacher and work at my hometown is driven by my desire to see more girls receive an education like myself. Thank you EGRC for providing this opportunity.

Hui Lin headshot

Hui Lin

Major in Radio & TV Journalism, Shanghai Normal University

EGRC family has been my inspiration. Through EGRC’s introduction I got the internship position as an assistant to the chair at an international consulting firm. With Ms. Tien’s encouragement, I completed my first internship despite initial fear and hesitation. I really appreciate all the support I received from EGRC.

Chan Liu headshot

Chan Liu

Tianshui No.9 Secondary School, Gansu Province

My father died when I was nine and my mother raised her three children alone. As her daughter, I feel distressed for her. The financial support from EGRC is a timely help to my family. I will do my best to study and look forward to the opportunity to entering my ideal college and become someone who can contribute to the society and help others.

Jing Tian headshot

Jing Tian

International Project Manager, Chutian Technology Co Ltd 

In the past five years EGRC has offered me many opportunities to learn and grow. I also volunteered for EGRC in the last two years. At EGRC I gained self-confidence and leadership skill. Now, I have the courage to pursue my aspirations.

Jinhui Zhao headshot

Jinhui Zhao

Enling Secondary School, Gansu Province 

Losing both of my parents casted a big shadow over my early years. As an orphan, I have always felt isolated from other children who received the affection I may never have in this world. However, I now know that I am loved and cared for in this harsh world. The EGRC community has provided me the idea that the world is beautiful and full of love.