Message from the Founder – 

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy Year of the Ox!

Despite the challenges of the past year, EGRC has much to be thankful for. We have overcome many obstacles and achieved success largely because of unwavering support from our donors, staff and volunteers.

In this newsletter you will read about our volunteers. EGRC has been fortunate to have a growing number of volunteers contributing in a variety of areas – from teaching English, coaching the students to fundraising. Our volunteers come from many diverse backgrounds and are truly making a difference in the lives of our girls and at EGRC.

Ching Tien

Volunteer Award Winners – EGRC Girls

Outstanding Contribution Award

Haixia Zhang headshot

Haixia Zhang

Graduated from Central South University in 2011 majoring in engineering management, Haixia now lives in Shanghai. She is an active volunteer since 2012 and is a mentor, leader and the vice president of Alumni Association.

"As a volunteer at EGRC, I have gained far more than I have paid out. EGRC is my second family and has accompanied me to grow up."

Lili Zhang headshot

Lili Zhang

Lili is currently studying for her master's degree at Jilin University, majoring in Finance. Since her second year of undergraduate studies, she has always been an active volunteer and was the president of the student association.

"EGRC and Auntie Tien provided me with love and care when I needed it most. Now I have the capability to spread out this care and love, which makes me happy and feeling good."

Chen Liqiong headshot

Liqiong Chen

Graduated from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Liqiong is now working and living in Shanghai. She has been an active volunteer since graduation and is the President of the Alumni Association.

"Being a volunteer at EGRC is not only giving back, I am also learning and growing. I feel more empowered through the work I do for EGRC."

Excellence Award

Xiao Yan headshot

Xiao Yan

Currently in her third year studying at Lanzhou University of Transportation, Xiao has been an active volunteer for two years. As a third-year university student, she co-founded EGRC Toast Master Club and organized regular online and in-person events.

"At EGRC I have been given many opportunities to grow, and I wanted to pass this love to more people. I believe that as long as love exists, there will be unexpected warmth and endless hope for life!"

Lili Huang headshot

Lili Huang

Lili finished her master’s program in Engineering in 2013. Five years later she did a one-year research work as a Visiting Scholar at Sihua University. Lili regularly shares her own story and journey on different occasions and events. Her story has inspired many EGRC supporters.

"Help more girls to get more choices with my own efforts; Give others love and you will gain double happiness. The well-being often comes from others. Thank you, EGRC!"

Jianhua Wu headshot

Jianhua Wu

With a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Engineering, Jianhua is currently working in Shanghai as a Product Manager. She has regularly assisted the fundraising events and tech-related work at EGRC.

"EGRC provided financial sponsorship when I needed it. EGRC is my spiritual guidance over these years. I want to help EGRC and help more girls to receive an education."

Zhimei Wang headshot

Zhimei Wang

In the third year of her master's degree of Pharmacy, Zhimei is a leader and mentor at EGRC. For an entire year, through her weekly effort, she helped another EGRC girl come out of depression. She also initiated and led the Show Appreciation meditation group at EGRC.

"I feel fortunate to receive help from EGRC in the past. Now I have gained happiness and satisfaction as a regular volunteer. I am thankful for all the opportunities EGRC has provided."

Wenjuan Zhang headshot

Wenjuan Zhang

Graduated from Northwest Normal University and majored in Geographic Information Science, Wenjuan is now working in the landscape planning and maintenance field. Wenjuan is a regular and active volunteer helping with admin work in Gansu.

"All my confidence comes from and is enabled by EGRC. Volunteering for EGRC is my way of paying forward."

Jing Tian headshot

Jing Tian

Jing is in her third year studying pharmaceutical engineering at Hunan University of Science and Technology. She co-founded EGRC Toast Master Club and is the driving force behind this new Club.

"EGRC has provided me many opportunities to broaden my horizon and knowledge, improve my ability in study, student work and personal life. Thus, I hope I can try my best to help more people."

Yajuan Qi headshot

Yajuan Qi

Graduated from Northwest Normal University in 2020, Yajuan now lives and works in Lanzhou. She volunteered in the EGRC Gansu office and participated in the work of selecting new students in 2020.

EGRC's support not only changed my life, it also helped changed my outlook towards my future. Through my volunteer work at EGRC, I learned and gained even more…."

Yuhong Wang headshot

Yuhong Wang

Yuhong graduated from Chongqing University in 2014. She now works at Zhongguang Technology Hangzhou Co in her hometown of Longxi County, Gansu. Five years in a row, she has participated in the work of selecting new students.

"EGRC helped me in the most difficult time of my life. Now I am doing my best to help EGRC and other young girls like me ten years ago."

Lin Li headshot

Lin Li

Graduated from Gansu Agricultural University in 2014, and she now works at Wagas in Shanghai as an associate manager. Lin regularly volunteers her time to assist EGRC’s fundraising efforts in Shanghai.

"Thanks to the opportunity and mentoring from EGRC, I had the courage to pursue a career which I did not know existed and then discovered Shanghai, now it is in my favourite city."

Lihong Zhang headshot

Lihong Zhang

She is currently studying financial management in Zhejiang Finance Vocational College. At different events and occasions, she has shared her story and inspired many…

"EGRC, this big family has provided me with precious learning opportunities, and given me a lot of care and love. I love this family, and I am happy to be a volunteer to give back."

Volunteer English Instructors

The following individuals have provided weekly online English classes, some since October 2018. They are all qualified English as Second Language teachers and are spread across three continents – Asia, Europe and North America. They have been managing the different time zones to teach our girls. Their dedication is inspiring.

James Jenkin headshot

James Jenkin

James has worked in TESOL for over twenty five years. Since 2001 he has managed university and private language centers in Australia and China. He currently develops materials for Chinese schools, and delivers teacher training programs in Australia and China.

“Volunteering for EGRC is meaningful and exciting. It's been a delight to speak to many of the students in the program - I'm impressed by their intelligence and drive. And it's been great working with such dedicated and talented teachers.”

Marcella Cooper headshot

Marcella Cooper

Originally from Canada, Marcella is currently teaching English at Key Stone Academy in Beijing.

“I support EGRC because I feel that this organization gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young women that I would never have had otherwise. I've been working with my girls for three years now and watching them grow not only as language learners but also as confident and motivated women has been very rewarding. EGRC connected us and I will always be thankful.”

Natasha Lock headshot

Natasha Lock

Natasha is from the United Kingdom and currently lives in Taiwan. Before the Pandemic she was a Yanching Scholar studying at Peking University.

“Teaching at EGRC has been a truly incredible experience and has connected me with so many bright young women. Education empowers, upholds and energises the world in which we live for people to shake the universe & do what was previously considered impossible.”

Marie Tulloch headshot

Marie Tulloch

Currently living in the United Kingdom, Marie had experience teaching English in China.

“I support EGRC because I know the impact access to education can have on a person’s life, not only as a stepping stone to employment but also as a portal through which to discover themselves. It is an absolute pleasure working with the young ladies at EGRC, they are bright, confident and have buckets of curiosity and ambition, I have learned so much from our class discussions and really enjoy seeing their progress.”

Jieni Wu headshot

Jieni Wu

Jieni was born in the Czech Republic and studied in major cities in Europe such as Paris and Rome. Her passion has provided opportunities to the underprivileged students who are from rural China

"Being of Chinese descent, I’ve always wanted to help children living in rural regions as I hope to mitigate the huge impact of poverty and inequalities on children’s well-being in rural China. I’m delighted to be part of the EGRC’s English Teacher Volunteers group, which has enabled me to bring about change by investing my time in empowering girls’ education in rural China."

Hannah Pepler headshot

Hannah Pepler

Hannah is from the United Kingdom, and she now works in Taiwan.

“I look forward to the weekly classes I share with the girls, I find it both incredibly rewarding and inspiring. The girls turn up prepared and willing to learn which makes teaching them and watching them develop a joy and pleasure to be involved in.”

Hanna Samavi headshot

Hanna Samavi

Hanna is originally from Iran and was an English teacher there. She now lives in Winnipeg, Canada.

“I hold a TESL Certificate and a Master in English Language and Literature. I have more than 6 years of experience in teaching English to various age groups ranging from teenagers to adults. I joined the EGRC group as a volunteer ESL teacher to help improve the girls' English so that they can use it as a tool to further their education and succeed professionally."

Paige Sheffield headshot

Paige Sheffield

Paige came from the US and is currently teaching English at a public school in Shanghai.

“After teaching in Shanghai for a couple of years, I wanted to help students who have a lot of potential and ambition, but not as many opportunities to learn and practice English. Additionally, as someone who is passionate about gender equality, I knew that I wanted to help girls and women - volunteering with EGRC seemed like the perfect opportunity. I've really enjoyed getting to know my students and seeing the progress they make.”

Vivienne Tseng headshot

Vivienne Tseng

Vivienne came from Indonesia and now lives in Beijing with her husband and two children. She is a fitness instructor and English communications educator.

“In the world’s most populous country, equal opportunities may be rare. EGRC takes up the noble mission of making education accessible to those who arguably need it most. I’m proud to be able to help!”

Jeremy Schudder headshot

Jeremy Schudder

Jeremy lives in Vancouver and is currently teaching English online for VIP Kids.

“Although I've only been an EGRC volunteer for 1 term, my experience of empowering first-year university students through English lessons has been extremely fulfilling. Women’s education has been neglected globally, and while this reality exists in all environments, it persists as a major burden in rural regions throughout the world. I hope to continue as a volunteer in the future.”

Significant Contributions

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and companies who have made significant contributions on the occasion of EGRC’s 15th anniversary and over the longer term.

The Executive Committee members in Beijing, Shanghai, Toronto and Vancouver have played a key role in fundraising in China and Canada, particularly in light of the challenges presented by the pandemic, when in-person events could not be held.

Legal Advice and Service

  • Jack Yong – Lawson Lundell LLP
  • Lynn Nelson – Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP

15 Year Anniversary Projects

  • EGRC Video – Olivia Martin-McGuire
  • EGRC Book – Olivia Martin-McGuire, Josh HarsKamp, Kate Wong
  • New Website – Kirk & Co.

Mentor Program

Rico Liu, legal counsel, at Intera Corp (Toronto) is responsible for establishing and managing this successful Mentoring Program in 2020. This program provided six one-on-one sessions to our third-year university students, with the purpose of helping the girls prepare for their graduation, career development and further education.

The Mentors

Our mentors are all qualified professionals or entrepreneurs. They are passionate about offering guidance to the next generation of young women, particularly those who deserve better opportunities.

  • Grace Guan – Regional Director; East Asia, Edinburgh Global, University of Edinburgh
  • Wenjun Zhang – Project Manager; Shandong Representative Office, Hanns Seidel Foundation
  • Jenny Liu –Founder and Executive Principal; Qingdao Tomorrow Foreign Languages Training School
  • Qian Li – Director, Educational Services; Victoria Trading Ltd, Australia
  • Gillian Cai – Manager, Public Relations; Huawei Canada
  • Jennifer Lynch – President and Principal Forensic Accountant; Lynch & Associates
  • Jennifer Zhang – Student-at-law; Independent Electricity System Operator
  • Agnes Lam – Human Resources Manager; AI for Automotive
  • Sunnie Xiao Huang – Manager, Capital Management; Royal Bank of Canada
  • Karen Wang – Founder; Ameta International
  • Lu Chen – Associate; Fasken Martineau LLP
  • Jane Ai – Agent; Alibaba
Rico Liu headshot