Selection process, criteria and fund transfer

EGRC has developed a comprehensive system for selecting sponsored students:

  • Candidates are recommended to EGRC by their schools, and the schools provide information about each candidate’s academic performance and family financial background.
  • EGRC’s team has a personal interview with each candidate and her parents, and when possible, visits the candidate’s home to further understand the family’s situation.
  • After a sponsorship is approved, the student and one parent sign an annual contract with EGRC.

To be eligible, the candidate’s family income must be below the poverty line according to local standards, and priority is given to girls living in the following situations: orphan; child of a single parent family; parent(s) has/have chronic illness or disability and lost the ability to work; the family has two or more children attending school at the same time.

How are funds transferred?

Funds are transferred annually to each university student’s personal bank account, and monthly to each high school student’s personal bank account.