Message from the Founder – 

I hope you and your loved ones are well and enjoying the last weeks of summer.

Due to the pandemic, this is the first August in 15 years that I have not been in Gansu meeting with our girls. Instead, I have written to and video chatted with them. They all enjoyed our annual summer meeting and training and are looking forward to the start of the new school year.

I am both pleased and relieved to announce that we have raised over 90% of funds to continue sponsoring the girls who are currently enrolled in our programs. This is due in large part to the continued support of our long-time donors, and the new donors we have engaged in Canada and China, as well as the dedicated efforts of the EGRC team.

Thanks to your generosity, what EGRC has experienced and achieved supports what I wrote in my last letter to you – that each crisis creates opportunities. I believe we have all had the opportunity to adjust to new norms, gain new experiences, and spend time with people that matter to us most, in ways we have never done before.

I hope you enjoy our latest news.

Summer in Gansu

Annual Reunion

With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in China, we have been able to host certain activities in public. Despite a short period of preparation, our team was able to keep up the now traditional annual summer reunion and training for our university students.

For the first time last year, we invited all the parents to participate in this annual event, and the results were promising. We have decided to continue involving the parents annually.

The reunions and training were held in three rural locations in early August. A professional coach travelled from Beijing to deliver the teaching and training sessions to the girls and their parents.

Recently, we have been focusing on improving communication between our girls and their parents. We want to see more parents support their daughters’ ideas and decisions on career and personal life choices. To achieve this, we need not only train parents to be more open-minded, we also want the girls to develop stronger communication skills and build confidence. By gaining mutual trust, girls can make future decisions based on their own desire and ideas.

The Power of Your Story

Ms. Lin Gao, author and founder of Message Coach, travelled to Gansu to deliver a valuable three day workshop to 40 EGRC university students.

The title of the workshop was inspired by her second book: The Power of Your Story. The workshop has challenged and inspired our girls to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Through story writing, sharing, and presenting, the girls bonded, gained confidence and learned public speaking and presenting skills.

The stories and short videos created from the workshop will be shared on the EGRC website and social media platforms.

Fundraising Updates

Face Masks

Olinda Veriend is a long-time donor and supporter of EGRC based in Vancouver and in the midst of the pandemic, she created a new way to support charities. Olinda hand makes 100% cotton, washable face masks and selling them for $10 each with 100% of the proceeds going to charities.

Currently, Olinda’s goal is to sell 120 masks and raise C$1,200 for EGRC on top of her regular financial contribution. Porch pick-up by appointment: On orders of more than 10 within Canada, shipping is free.

First Online Fundraiser

Earlier this month, members of the newly established EGRC BC Executive Committee stepped up by hosting an online fundraising event. The goal was to raise $6,000 to sponsor five girls. The team’s efforts raised a total of $10,350. In the meantime, over 300 people from Vancouver and Toronto learned about EGRC for the first time. Congratulations to this dedicated group on the success of their first online fundraising effort. The Committee members are all volunteering their time to raise awareness and funds for EGRC. The Committee is led by ChiChi Wang, EGRC Director of Development for Western Canada.

Achievements from China

Despite high summer temperatures in Beijing and Shanghai, the fundraising efforts did not stop. In two short months, members of the Beijing and Shanghai executive committees raised a total of C$179,720 (RMB 898,600), with 80% of these funds coming from new donors.

We would like to express our appreciation to the committee members in Beijing and Shanghai who made the difference and particularly thank the members from BMO, FMC, Keystone Academy, Manulife-Sinochem, Venture Education and WAB.