From the founder – 

Dear EGRC supporters and friends,

2022 is another beginning representing both continued challenges and new hope. Through the battle against the Coronavirus, we have become more resilient.

I am particularly proud of EGRC‘s development during the course of the pandemic. We have become stronger and more sustainable. We have taken on larger numbers of students and we have provided more learning programs. This is all because of unwavering support from our long-term donors and new donors, our dedicated team members and volunteers. THANK YOU!

I hope you enjoy reading our latest news.

Largest Number of High School Girls Selected in 2021

In the fall of 2021, we faced unexpected Covid lockdown situations in Gansu. The work of selecting high school students was delayed until the beginning of November. In the winter season, traveling to schools and remote rural regions was a tough task. On top of that, we had planned to select the largest number of students. Thanks to our dedicated China team, the selection work was successfully completed just before the holiday season, despite the challenges.

We are proud to announce that a total of 318 new high school girls received our sponsorship – 223 from four different counties in Gansu Province, and 95 from Yunnan Province.

New – EGRC in Yunnan

We have launched a new high school program in Guangnan County, Yunnan Province. Ninety-five Grade Ten girls were selected in November 2021, with nearly 50 % of the members of the Miao, Zhuang and Bulang minorities.

Yunnan is located in Southwest China with the most diverse climate, natural beauty and ethnicity. It is also one of the most undeveloped provinces in China. Guangnan County is located in Southeast Yunnan surrounded by mountains. Three EGRC team members participated in the selection work. They first interviewed all the candidates and their parents or guardians in the schools, then spent an entire week traveling to remote villages to visit the families in their homes. Beyond the financial challenges these girls are facing, a large number of them grew up without parents and have encountered more barriers because of their gender.

We warmly welcome these 318 new girls to join the EGRC family!

High School Students and Parents Training

The high school students and parents winter training took place during the last week of December in Yunnan and Gansu. Currently, there are 535 high school students in EGRC‘s program, 50% of the students and their parents attended the training. Two professionals who specialize in student/parent relationships conducted the in-person training sessions in five rural regions in both Gansu and Yunnan provinces.

Welcome Back Don Kayne

Don Kayne, the President & CEO of Canfor Corporation has been supporting EGRC since his trip to Gansu in 2013. Don was the chair of the board from 2015 to 2018. Now he is back as co-chair of the EGRC board. We would like to thank Don for his continued support and encouragement.

Don Kayne with EGRC students